Goldcraft Recovery Ship Coversi

Mercury 6 Ship & Capsule Cachet
Recovery Ship Cachet Colour
USS Noa Light Blue & Black


Mercury 7 Ship & Capsule Cachets

Recovery Ship Cachet Colourii
USS John R. Pierce1 Red
USS Intrepid Black
USS Barton Blue
USS Fred T. Berry Red
USS Dewey U/K
USS Donner Yellow-Orange
USS Elokomin Blue
USS English Blue
USS Farragut None
USS Hank Yellow-Orange
USS Hoist None
USS Hunt Blue
USS Massey Blue
USS Moale Brown
USS Remey U/K
USS Robinson Brown
USS Soley Black
USS Speigel Grove Brown
USS Sturdy None
USS Swerve None
USS Wren Blue
Not Involved  
USS Antietam Yellow-Orange
USS Forrestal Red
USS Noa Black
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Red-Orange
USS Wasp Black


Mercury 8 Ship & Capsule Cachets
Recovery Ship Cover Colour Recovery Ship Cover Colour
USS Kearsarge   USS Lake Champlain  
USS Epperson   USS Charles F. Adams  
USS O'Bannon   USS Affray None
USS Philip   USS Alacrity None
USS Radford   USS Barry  
USS Renshaw   USS Bordelon  
USS Walker   USS Decatur  
USS Ingraham   USS Dyess Blue
USS John Paul Jones   USS Fletcher None
USS Kaskaskia   USS Furse  
USS Willard Keith   USS Haynesworth  
USS Norris Blue USS Henley  
USS Charles S. Sperry   USS Hoist None
Not Involved
USS Antietam Red USS Lake Champlain Red
USS Bon Homme Richard Blue USS Hancock Blue
USS Hornet Blue USS Independence Blue
USS Kitty Hawk Blue USS Randolph Green
USS Robison Green USS Shangrila Green


Mercury 9 Ship & Capsule Cachets
(All ship cachets available in both blue and yellow-orangeii)

Recovery Ship Cachet Recovery Ship Cachet
USS Kearsarge Y USS John W. Thomason Y
USS John A. Bole Y USS Adroit N
USS Chipola N USS Beatty Y
USS De Haven Y USS Compton Y
USS Duncan Y USS Davis N
USS Epperson Y USS Gainard Y
USS Fletcher Y USS Harwood Y
USS Frank Knox Y USS Hyman Y
USS Kawishiwi N USS Myles C. Fox Y
USS Lofberg Y USS Opportune N
USS Mansfield Y USS Stalwart N
USS Taussig Y USS Wasp Y
Not Involved
USS Corry Y USS McCaffery Y
USS Nantahala Y USS Purdy Y
USS Charles C. Ware Y    


Other Goldcarft Cachets for MA-9

Recovery Ship Cachet
USS Epperson Yellow Cachet showing Text only
USS Frank Knox Yellow Cachet showing Cooper & Text
USNS Kingsport1 Brown Cachet showing Text only


Gemini 5 JFK 'We Shall Reach the Moon' Cachet

Recovery Ship Cachet Colour
USS James C Owens2 Pink


Gemini 6A 'Gemini-Titan 6 Astronauts etc.' Cachet

Recovery Ship Cachet Colour
USS Wasp2 Aqua

Training Mission Ship & Capsule Cachet

Recovery Ship Cover Colour
USS Hancock Red
USS Intrepid Red
USS Yorktown Red


Notes General:
i) Earlier Recovery Ship Covers are know addressed to George Goldey but not with his cachet.
ii) Yellow-Orange can also be described as light orange.

Notes Other:
1) From the collection of Steve Durst. Also this one sold on eBay during 2021 for $533! And this one from Timothy Preston.
2) Sold on eBay in 2022

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